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Beginners welcome

Tel: 07527 799818        email: howardhaigh@gmail.com


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If you want to learn Blues, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Rock, then Howard is ideal to get you started.

Howard is a guitar teacher with 30 years of experience. He was the Guitar Teacher at Lancaster University for twelve years, and he currently teaches at Ripley St Thomas School, and the Lancaster Community Music School.

He also works for The Royal Ballet Education Department.

One to one and group tuition for any age from 10 upwards. Beginners always welcome. It’s never too late to start.

All styles of Guitar, though Classical and Flamenco are a speciality. Improvisation, Theory, Composition, Ukelele, and Bass Guitar are also offered.

No need to read music but tuition in reading and theory is offered for those who want it (it’s always useful but not obligatory).

Rates:  £28 per hour, £14 for half-an-hour.  One-Off Initial taster lesson: £10 (half hour) or £20 (hour)

Here’s a few comments from current students, and respected colleagues:

Robin May Guitar Tuition (Cumbria and Lancashire areas + Skype Worldwide!)

I recommend this gentleman; based in Lancaster, UK. I haven’t experienced him as a teacher, but as a player ~ he’s a joy. If you want to learn flamenco / latin sort of stuff then he’s probably ideal for you.
Obviously, you should come to me for anything else ;)

Paul Trowler (Mature Student)
Howard is a brilliant teacher as well as a virtuoso performer. He also has immense patience (he has to, with me as a student!). If you want to learn the guitar, Howard is your man.
 ”If you believe that “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”, let Howard prove you wrong! Brilliant performer and highly recommended teacher for anyone who longs for the tender touch of gut strings beneath their fingers.”

Contact Howard on 07527 799818 or 01524 834776 for more information or to book your lesson now.

Have a look here: http://vimeo.com/channels/441231

Below are a few simple tunes in Music and Tab for beginners to get you started.

12 Bar on A.1  This is a very simple piece using the bottom three strings of the guitar


Old Macdonald & Yankee Doodle

Ode to joy

Scarborough Fair


Waltz (Allegretto) in E minor by Carulli

Scalectrics (Pentatonic Blues Scale on A)

Originals by Howard – Easy

Here’s a couple of pieces using musical notes which spell words – there’s no tab so you have to read the notation. The strings are shown in circles, and the frets by Roman numerals (e.g. III = 3rd fret) so it’s quite easy to work out, and fun.


New Menu at the Bad Egg Cafe


Apple Blossom

This is a simple piece using the Pentatonic (5-note) scale. This scale is used in music all over the world but is particularly associated with the music of Scotland, Blues, and Chinese music.

I love the traditional music of China, in particular the Pipa, which is a sort of Lute. This piece does not aim to copy the Pipa or Chinese music at all, but  I have written in a vaguely Eastern style, hinting at the music of China. At the time I wrote it I was looking out of my window at the beautiful Apple Blossom in the garden of my neighbour.


With Affection

Sarahs’ Daydream

Shoppin in’t Shambles

One Morning in May

The Spanish Inquisition – Easy Version

Two chords

Two Guitars



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